About LAMP


(Life Assistance Mission Program)

And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; there stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed saying, Come over into Macedonia and help us. Acts 16:9 Picture7

             Responding to a plea to come to Liberia, several brothers visited Monrovia, Liberia. A local pastor, Bro. Wallah Wilsitoe, had given us an invitation to come. We had become acquainted with Bro. Wallah in 2007 on a short mission trip to Sierra Leone, Africa. He assured us they had been praying for help for three years.

Prior to our arrival, Bro. Wallah’s church spent all night in prayer in anticipation of our coming. What dedicated persistence. Many needs were made known to us. They greatly desire leadership encouragement and faithful biblical teaching in family life, stewardship, and much more.

They are lacking a good Christian School curriculum. They were operating a Christian School up to the 7th grade with two workbooks that had been salvaged after the civil war.

Unemployment is around 85%. They are looking for assistance in developing a discipleship, vocational, and relational training facility. Our goal is to aid them in developing self-supporting employment opportunities.

Only three distant hospitals are operating in this country. Clinics in the interior are extremely scarce or non-existent. We would pursue possibilities of working with other Anabaptist ministries to provide healthcare supplies and options, especially for the local church.

Since our return, a seven member board was formed, supported by several churches in Indiana. A mission statement has been developed to show the direction we are working towards, with the needs of Liberia in mind.

Goals of LAMP Ministries

1- Strengthen Biblical Leadership & Teaching for the local congregations.

A. We began a 3 day Pastor’s Conference at their request. More are being   planned each year for the foreseeable future.

B. Give assistance with Christian School Curriculum.

Joni2- Help establish a Biblical Discipleship Center for those in need, especially in    cases of Substance/Sexual abuse.

3- Develop Employment Opportunities without exploiting Liberian resources or American charities. Develop a sawmill & lumber operation, as well as other   work opportunities which will partially support the Discipleship ministry.

    We have felt God’s leading in the pursuit of this work and will move ahead one step at a time, as the Lord provides. May God bless you as you prayerfully consider the needs of this work.

In His Service, Joni Schrock— Chairman

Phone # – 812-265-5389

Mission Statement

LAMP Ministries is an evangelistic and humanitarian outreach of numerous conservative Anabaptist church groups. We strive to provide doctrinally sound biblical teaching & literature, occupational training, and Christ-centered biblical counseling to several like-minded church groups in needy and war-ravaged areas. Our goal is to support & equip local church groups, not only to teach, train, care for their own people, but also to empower the groups we serve to reach out to the lost & needy in their communities.

Board Structure

LAMP Ministries is directed by a 7 member board comprised of brethren from several conservative Anabaptist church groups in southern IN. This local board meets quarterly (or more often if needed) to make decisions based on the Word of God and the council received from the pastoral advisory council, as described below.

             Oversight is also given by a pastoral advisory council comprised of ministers from a range of conservative Anabaptist church groups.