2nd Liberia Trip

Minister’s Conference Trip Report

By Ura Miller

With all the planning, all the phone calls made, the tickets purchased, the shots received and visas approved, we were finally set to go.

We landed in Liberia at 8:20 PM Wednesday (3:20 PM EST) February 10th. After receiving a hearty welcome by Bro. Wallah and church youth at the airport, we headed for the guest house in the ELWA compound on the outskirts of Monrovia, arriving at 11:15 PM. It was time to move our watches forward five hours. Thursday we traveled a number of miles by taxi, to a small village named Daniel Town.

stuckHere, we left the main road, and drove on a dirt trail deep into the forest. After 1 1/2  hours on rough roads, we had only traveled 7 miles. Arriving at a village at the end of the road, we parked the van and walked a grass trail to the wooded area. We were wanting to see the forest first-hand, to evaluate the prospect of setting up a sawmill for marketing lumber. We were informed that this forest consisted of approximately 11,000 acres.

Discussion centered on the types of wood to harvest, resources, equipment, and set up needed in getting the wood ready for transporting and marketing including equipment to navigate and maintain the dirt road. Bro. Wallah informed us that the Firestone Company can and would provide the means of shipping overseas. A vehicle that can navigate rough and muddy roads would be real help for the forest project being considered. The capital city of Inspecting TimberMonrovia is showing visible signs of an economic recovery, generating the    possibility of establishing a self-supporting organization.

We did a live radio interview at the ELWA compound. Joni stated the objectives for the program, run by Bro. Wallah and his church, with oversight from LAMP.

The pastoral conference began Monday & ended Wednesday. It was well attended and appreciated by the local pastors. In the last session, Joni asked for suggestions for subjects they would like to have covered in the future.

The following is a partial list of suggested topics:

1. Biblical Separation   3. Christian Stewardship

2. The Christian Home 4. Discipleship

And others… Bro. Wallah asked Bro. Joni to come up with theme for next year.

There are also significant needs in the church school. The principal shared the need for additional, good quality Christian school material.

The trip exposed us to the heart felt desires of the pastors to be able to care for the needs of their people. We are awed at how the Lord has orchestrated each aspect of what transpired. May we faithfully permit our hearts and minds to adhere to what is so remarkably stated in the following verses: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)


The fields are ripe; there is work for all to do. May we pray for sensitivity and openness to the Lord’s leading when He calls us, including Liberia.